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Need To Replace Your Windows? Reasons To Consider Putting In Double Glazed Glass

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If your home windows need to be replaced, it's the perfect time to exchange them for the double glazed variety. Below is an explanation of double glazed windows and some benefits for using them in your home.

Double Glazing Explained

Double glazing is another term for insulated glazing. Instead of one pane of glass protecting you from the elements, there are two. The two panes are not set side by side. Instead, they are mounted to create an air gap between them. This provides a layer of insulation between the panes. The more efficient, and usually more expensive, forms of double glazed windows have gases, such as argon, pumped into the gap.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Creates a Quieter Living Environment

The gap provides a mini sound barrier, providing a quieter living environment. Noise levels from vehicle traffic, overhead planes, barking dogs, even the air conditioner motor on the front lawn, are all reduced. That gap also reduces the amount of noise from inside your home from travelling outside, protecting your reputation as a good neighbour.

Reduces Energy Usage and Helps Lower Utility Bills

The insulation gap helps regulate the temperature in you home. Less heat escaping outside during the winter means your heating system doesn't have to work as hard. The same is true for your air conditioner in the hotter months. That translates into lower energy bills for you and less greenhouse gas emissions seeping out into the environment.

Helps Reduce Condensation

Think about a single-pane window. If the temperature is cold outside and you have warm moist air inside, you'll probably see condensation building up on the insides of the windows. If the condensation is severe, it starts running down the window and eventually into the window frame. If the frame is wood, it can seep in under the paint and eventually damage the frame. High amounts of condensation can seep into the walls, perhaps getting caught in the wall insulation and causing mould spores to germinate.

The pocket of air or gas in the double glazed window provides a buffer between the hot air and the cold, greatly reducing the amount of condensation. The gas-filled windows are particularly good at keeping the inside window at room temperature.

Increases Home Resale Value

Double glazed windows are one of the features real estate agents look for when valuing properties and marketing them to savvy clients. Energy efficient homes tend to sell faster and easier, and often at a higher price point.

Talk to a glass replacement company, such as Northstar Glass windows, or a contractor to discuss replacing your single-pane windows with energy efficient, quiet, and valuable glazed windows today.