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Tips For Screen Door Maintenance

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If you have a screen door with or without a glass door in front of it or behind it, you already know the benefits of having a large screened area that can allow fresh air in, but keep the bugs out. In order for your screen door to keep functioning properly, you have to keep up with the maintenance on it. You may even occasionally need to invest in screen door repair to keep your door looking and working at its best. Here, you can learn some tips that will help you maintain your screen door and protect it from unnecessary damage.

Keep Pets Away

Your pets may enjoy the fresh breeze that comes in the door, but they also might claw at or lean on the screen door. Eventually, this can cause lasting damage. This is why it's a good idea to divert your pets from the door when the screen is exposed.

  • Install a pet door so they can come and go at will.
  • Set up an area near a safe window where your pets can enjoy the view. For cats, consider a window shelf or hammock. For dogs, you might move the dog bed closer to the window or leave the toy box under it.
  • Train pets to stay away from screens in general. Offer rewards when the pet chooses another option instead of the area by the screen.

Clean the Screen Regularly

Because your screen is exposed to the outdoors, you need to clean it to avoid having any kind of buildup on it. You can do this with a feather duster if you do it on a regular basis. A duster is gentle enough to avoid damaging the screen itself, but has enough small parts to get in between the smaller areas on the screen. You might also use your vacuum wand to get any small bits from between the screen and the frame of the screen.

Lubricate Tracks

If you have a screen door that rolls on a track, keeping the track clean and lubricated is vital to a smoothly operating door. Use your vacuum wand to clean the track out. If you do this whenever you vacuum, it will never have a chance to build up. Then, spray some lubricant in the track and roll the door back and forth to make sure the lubricant gets on the wheels as well as the track itself.

By using the tips here, you can keep your screen looking great and working like it's supposed to. If you do need to have any part of your door repaired, be sure to contact professionals like Suburban Glass & Mirror Limited who know the right way to do it.